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7 Jan 2018

This post has as a main goal to show the benefits of a nationwide community-driven effort to establish quality research. I will summarize (and put in some of my comments) the great publication by Dr. van Gelder et al. [1]. The case scenario here is: Bioinformatics in the Netherlands...

31 Dec 2017

This post is an addendum of my previous post where I talked about "purists". According to them, computers are nothing more than a tool to visualize the data they have generated and write the papers. Computational predictions and methods for correct data usage are folkloric character...

17 Dec 2017

Computers were at service of many discipline since its first widespread wave in the 50s with the famous Fred Sanger insulin protein sequence determination. At this time the bioinformatics, as a discipline, didn't exist as a label (actually it did, but meant something else [2]), but...

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