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25 Dec 2017

Last issue, Nature released a very interesting comment entitled "Five ways to fix statistics" [1]. Their premise is very simple: as the debate goes on about how statistics is the one to to blame (more than you would imagine) for poor reproducibility, they asked five influential stat...

17 Dec 2017

Computers were at service of many discipline since its first widespread wave in the 50s with the famous Fred Sanger insulin protein sequence determination. At this time the bioinformatics, as a discipline, didn't exist as a label (actually it did, but meant something else [2]), but...

10 Dec 2017

I remember when a wise Professor told me that, not so long ago, you would carefully make a clear draft of your scientific findings and   to a journal with a cover letter and "best regards"; and the editors would be very happy and after a few rounds of revision, your work would proba...

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